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Among the greatest dreams in my bucket list is to someday be able to go to the modern Asian empire of Japan. They are just way too advanced in all the technological contrivances and I think they are far smarter than any nationality in the world today. But that is not the main point why I would like to go to Japan. It is because they have so many untapped resources, particularly the women, that I think need to be explored. This is my way of saying I have a penchant for Japanese women and that is why I would like to do a quick review of All Japanese Pass which encompasses all that needs to be talked about when it comes to Japanese porn.


As opposed to the usual porn site, this one will let you enter different porn sites in a single pathway. In simpler terms, this is the ultimate porn network dedicated solely for Japanese nudity. It does not feed on mediocre material too, which is given more emphasis on the fact being that we are dealing with the Japanese cult here and you know how they go, they have their own weird or perhaps queer ways to look and feel unique. With the extra effort, that means double the unique of the content for you, seeing all the beauty Jap faces sucking dicks, eating cum and riding all the way to the heavens of their minds, all that’s there for you are joy and excitement.

For you who happens to be a Japanese Asian Videos or JAV fan, it is easy to understand why it is such a big deal to know that there are several sites packed together in a single address. This is how AllJapanesePass goes, letting you in on 22 different niche sites that are focused on all the best Jap porn there can ever be. That amount of interconnections let you in on a list of 18,000 plus videos, plus the upcoming updates and the photo galleries that are best served for their freshness straight from the vids.

The site offers several search options for every user to have the convenience that suits them best. Search by model or by category. Whatever it is that works for you, as long as it’s Japanese porn content, nothing beats what All Japanese Pass is able to put up. More updates to come your way!