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I think that the best way to describe is that it is a glamour hardcore porn site. By that, I mean it does have a lot of hardcore fucking, but they shoot everything in quite a glamorous way, so I can tell you right now to expect something a bit different and you will see what I mean when you check out their home page.

However, if we forget about them making porn with softer lighting for a minute and turn our attention to the content and there is no doubt that you will be more than happy with what they have to offer. The girls on here are super hot and they are certainly not shy when it comes to sex because you are going to see them in every type of position and even some taking it in the ass and coming hard. The one thing you know for sure is that they love what they do as that pleasure is clear for all to see.

At the last count they were rapidly closing in on 600 scenes, as well as the same number of photo sets, and that is certainly more than enough to keep you entertained for some considerable length of time. You have the option of either streaming the videos on their site or downloading them and the photo sets are in zip files, so things will not take that long to download to your hard drive. The only problem I have is that I need to clear some space on my computer to get everything on there. Problems aside, the discount clearly makes up for it.

Finally, they seem to update pretty much every couple of days and at least that means that there is something fresh on there on a regular basis, which is always good to see. At least then you can enjoy more exclusive content shot in wonderful HD and you can understand why is making a lot of headlines in the world of Internet porn.