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College Rules is packed with coed porn that will do one of two things for anyone watching. It will, 1) either make you horny and hungry for coed punany, or 2) it will take you back to those good old days when you were in college drinking, sexing, and living like there was no tomorrow! 

The freedom of leaving your parents home often goes to your head when you join college. You want to sexually experiment, drink, and have fun while getting your degree. This site focuses more on the first part (booze, sex, parties) rather than the academic side.

Inside this site, there are 89+ scenes that show you what it should have been like in college when you were enrolled. You can stream the action or download it for your later consumption. The best thing about the videos is that every single one is High Definition Quality! The sexual mischief, which these charged-up coeds keep on engaging in, will have you questioning their sanity! On the other hand, they do offer some stimulation coed porn that is extravagant, exciting, erotic, and extra exclusive. Even if you see some very risky behavior that these students engage in, you can rest assured that no one get hauled off to jail and no one has serious body injuries. It’s all fun and sex!

A gal kissing a gal doesn’t mean that they are lesbians. But it is very pleasing to the people gawking at the coeds making each other cum. Did we mention that this site offers prizes for the best submission? 

Well, College Rules does. You know how college hunks and babes love money, prizes, booze, and parties! All this mixture (of horny students, alcohol, parties, and sex) makes for potent concoction of coed porn that is engaging.

Right alongside the videos, there are 89 picture galleries with High-Resolution quality. The pictures will show you the beautiful gals and make you wonder if they would be better off being porn stars than learning quantum physics in college.  When you consider the overall design that these guys use on their site, navigation is good, features are good, links work, and so does the menus and other search tools and features. There are tags, options for rating, commenting, but no bonus goodies or sites included in your membership. They also seem to have halted their updating schedule, which is sad.

If you get into the spirit of things and don’t over-think about the content or how it was made, College Rules is worth joining. Coed porn is sexy and you will have plenty of time to go through all the scenes and pics inside this site, if you choose to join them.