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For some reason whenever I visit Digital Playground, it reminds me of a supersonic video store filled with top class movies. This is a bit of a dream come true really as I do remember the old days, when there were such videos on sale and usually they were in a dodgy part of town. Once home, you realized you had purchased an even dodgier movie with quality that left you crestfallen.

Super Clear Content

Digital Playground’s layout is similar in that all the movies have covers, but these covers are super clear and glossy and the goods inside do not let you down.

The site is dedicated to hardcore fucking delivered with great style and excellent quality.

What more can a person ask for you might ask?

Content Size and Models

The content is great, there are over 2000+ movies covering all the favoured niches such as blow-job, anal, teen and POV. There are also 800 of the hottest models in porn to watch including big names like Kayden Ross, Sasha Grey and Bibi Jones. These girls, are household names now. If you have been around porn for a bit you will know them by now. Let’s just say these are the ‘it’ girls in porn.

The site is updated regularly which is really important and the content is 100% exclusive to the Digital Playground site. Some people get ‘iffy’ about the fact that the videos cannot be downloaded, this has never bothered me. I simply watch on their HD quality streaming Flash player.


The site has a nice clean feel to it and it is also quite addictive. There are the movies tab, the series tab, which trust me you will get hooked into, plus the girls tab. This is where you can find out a little more about your favorite girls.

There is also plenty of bonus scenes where you can see the girls behind the scenes. This is often appreciated by many viewers as they feel a little closer to the real woman instead of the porn star.

Joining This Award Winning Site is a Non Thought

The quality of the graphics and movies on this site cannot be described, it is something you will have to see for yourself. Let’s just say that Digital Playground is a good name for a site that delivers high-end digital and pure HD content.

A definite winner, Digital Playground has proved itself over and over again with over 300 awards under its leather belt and a multitude of faithful fans and members.