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It is in every man’s nature to be drawn into a woman in the dirtiest of thoughts. You cannot blame him because his genitals are external, which makes it activation more palpable and unavoidable. That must be why lots of women have been subjected into being sexually initiated in their travels, especially when they are travelling with men alone. On a more positive side of it, some women are willing to put up to these offers, especially when it’s all about making a deal with a hot taxi driver. They get to save money by not having to pay for the fare as long as they have sex. One of the best porn sites to portray this would be Fake Taxi.

To begin with, the cabbies here are not real cabbies. They’re just playing pretend cabbies and while that is true, most of the women are oblivious of what they’re about to be offered. In short, this is a spontaneous pursuit. Everything is a matter of luck and with the handsomeness of the pretend-cabbies, they are given the advantage of being considered rather than automatically dismissed by the women they offer the deal to. All the taxis are not real taxis too but are just customized to look really convincing. And it’s kind of funny these taxis will only wait on hot chicks. That’s what it lives for after all. All this said, you’re in for a ride you never once thought could happen.

FakeTaxi invests too much cool cars that they turn into cool taxis. This is the kind of marketing strategy they think would really work on women, because let’s all just face it, women love what they see which means to say the more beautiful the taxi, the more likely women choose it over others on the queue. So much for that they have over 223 videos that depict the motif they are trying to portray. Big boobed woman gets inside the cab, the cabbie offers her the free ride. The fucking time runs longer than the distance she has to travel, though, but she usually wouldn’t mind so long as she’s been pumped up before going home or before the party she’s going to.

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