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There is always that one girl that you wish you could get back on. She broke your heart and now you think she deserves to get a dose of her very own special medicine. But you know, just leave it be and let your anger be ventilated into something more worth it. Go watch the videos of GF Revenge and that should pacify the way you feel, give you the satisfaction of taking revenge even if you didn’t do it at all. It’s the safe way around and we are going to review exactly how awesome it is as a pornographic choice.

The site promises to provide the best videos there are when it comes to girlfriends that are being caught on cam without their knowledge. These are girlfriend videos that go for all of those who cheat on their boyfriends, so this is where you get the kind of sympathy that your broken heart is looking for. What happens most of the time here is that the GFs will be fucked, the guys tell them they love them and after fucking them, they are left unspoken to in the air. Because what better way could there be to make someone feel terrible other than hitting them and run, right?

This is where you can celebrate together with your boys and really do no harm to anyone because none of the vengeance is worth it, but you can always weigh in the possibilities and find entertainment in them through this kind of porno source.

As you go deeper into the content of this porn resource, you will come to realize that the name didn’t really give away the entire premise, because there is a lot more for your to discover, mysteries that have yet to be unfolded by your pursuit for revenge type videos. So far, the site offers a list of over 250 amateur type films created in the most elaborate and professional ways possible. You would think these are candid shots, but are actually not. The actresses are just so convincing that you won’t notice the pretense they are projecting.

The thing I love more about the GF Revenge quarters is that their videos are all played in HD, leaving no room for disappointments. Everything is moving so slowly and you would feel as though you are fucking the girl doing her thing on the scene. All the magic it brings can be in your keeping!