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If there ever was beauty that hypnotizes you, it would be the beauty from the site Hegre Art! And we are not saying that just to impress you; they have exclusive stuff with a long list of models in tow and erotica beyond whatever words we could possibly frame. There is something to be said about the main focus of the site. They have over 160,000 images inside and that is the biggest focus that they maintain, the pictures! They have videos too although mentioning the number will probably cement our earlier point of them loving pictures very much – they have over 380 movies. You do also receive desirable females numbering around more than 190 by now.

The site continues to produce constantly with the daily additions adding up to one great week where you have multiple picture galleries and a video added weekly. The presentation of the material incorporates elements of flash and style that you see on erotica sites and glossy magazine spreads. You will find they have sub-divided the material into sections, several of them. You can use the top menu bar to go to sections like -explore, films, photos, models, massage, live cams, collections, and to search. They have testimonials, travels, news, shop, and a host of other features inside also.

You will find the biggest pic resolution possible inside to be as high as 8000 pixel angel, which is mighty big for a site like this one. The films, as well contain a nice high definition range with formats like wmv, flv, QuickTime. The site has mobile versions of the films, even a mobile friendly platform for you to check out. Every couple of months when we come back to check these guys out, we find that they have done something more special with their time. When we think that they have attained the best possible material they can make, they pop out a new gal, a new update that just takes that bar of excellence even higher. It seems to be impossible to underestimate these guys because they are constantly moving ahead, making things better, more erotic.

They have gone a new way and began making massage-sex themed content with a slight departure from the erotica-picture centered mode they were on when they started. They have gals with costumes, have done even more scenic picture shoots than they used to before. Art and creativity still linger hard inside this site, just look at the clarity, the work that goes into producing the content. Models fit between 18 to very early 20-something years old. They have petite bodies, flexible frames with the marks of innocence and erotic mixing in nicely with what they can accomplish when the camera is rolling. Hegre Art needs to be looked at by you and you will come to thank us for recommending them to you.