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The quality or worth of life has always ever been fluid and dynamic. This is something I have proven. It changes over the course of time as circumstances change in a person’s life, just as life has reshaped the quality or worth to which I ascribe my life with. When my girlfriend broke up with me, it always bothered my head the thought that life is truly unfair, and I couldn’t have been more right. But when I saw the videos of I Know That Girl, I came to realize that there are actually things that I can do in order to get back to my ex.

I know I will experience more crucial events or crises that will weigh in on how much I will be able to add or diminish to the worth of value of my life. These crises I know will always ever be momentous, especially in my very contemplative nature. Thanks to this porn site, I have finally come to my senses that my ex was not something for me to be mourning about but instead to be a laughing stock. The site has taught me the art of revenge which mainly comes in a form of having sex with an ex when she already has a new boyfriend. Seriously, there is no better way to ruin relationships than to screw with anyone who’s already in one. I’m just so happy with how beautifully expressed it is with I Know That Girl.

Slutty bitches, the site is flooded with these and what makes it greater all the more is that these are all classy bitches. Typically, the video would begin with a guy crying over a girl because she had left him for someone richer only to find one day that she still loves him and that they can still have sex. But the guy is no more in love with her but just signed up to ruin things for her. The outcome is always priceless and you get to enjoy the repetition of the man’s victory with over 670 videos that run for at least 20 minutes each all the way to full hour movies for the specials editions. With 75 photo galleries, 90 female models, definitely worth the jump for your cash.

You see, you don’t have to cry no more for an ex who has left you because you can do better. Just be open to having sex with her despite the situation and you will find yourself the winner of the game.