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We miss a lot of people everyday. It’s very human for people to recreate those who they terribly miss and get to decide when to see them and the person they are with now. We, after all, have strong emotions and feelings for the ones we once have been with, and these are things that are never easily forgotten. But is it fine for us to revolve in the same story and never giving out an open gate for perhaps a better story? Stuck in the replay of the old times only now with a different person? Why not see through a new perspective? Let Kelly Madison work you through that.

How does the K. Madison video substance differ itself from the mediocre crowd? Boy in love with girl, girl in love with boy. Rich Daddy not approving, daddy has another bet. Boy and girl takes everything against all odds, mommy plots disaster, and daddy hires goons to kill boy because f you, daddy got money, boy takes it all, girl kidnapped, boy saves girl, daddy gets caught by police, girl forgives daddy but moves on with boy, boy and girl at peace. Truth is at times there would be an evit aunt. And it’s all because the guy wants to have sex with girl and he gets that and it’s all worth it and for every video, more than half the running time is consumed by the sex scenes alone.

Our happy days and friendship do not end with the ending of a friend’s physical presence. It is indeed sad that people leave our lives, or that we have to leave theirs. That is change, and it is very constant. It could be the only thing that is permanent. But distance and absence do nothing to those who have loved truly. Kelly Madison created the videos for the sake of people who are feeling this kind of feeling. 2,200 plus videos of mature women and teenage girls getting fucked by the hottest, virile men.

The Verdict

Do not look back, but never forget and never replace. Move along with the waves of the ocean. It will lead to shelter. For a new taste in porn, don’t forget to get in touch with Kelly Medison. With updates to come and the videos being downloadable for every subscriber, it truly encompasses everything a porn addict could ever need.