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Hello, brothers! I know that Christmas is closing in right now, but hey, I’m not to late to still offer you the best gift I can for the season. Another site review! And today, it’s going to be about a site that goes with the same name of its creator or source or whatever. You may not know the guy, but he’s actually one of the most active members of the porn stars community who does his own productions, directions and overall creations. The name’s Mike Adriano, so read on for the awesome review!

If the artisan world has its own set of painters, the adult industry has Mr. Adriano! In his personally created site, you will come to see how he flaunts all of his amazing porn creations consituted by the finest porn stars, not only pre-established ones, but also those that had come under his training and mastery program, if you know what I mean. Through this, he is able to prove how he is not only competent in showing off his body for love, sex and magic, but also his skill on making professional films that is worth cherishing and patronizing. He has the keen eye for plumps, asses, tits and all the amazing things that make women more adorable, and sexable and all that crazy shit.

As far as I’m concerned, the Mike Adriano site has been around for over four years now and it has since been growing into pure grandeur. Before, there were only around 150 videos in the site, but as I’ve checked in the now, there are already 441 videos, which means to say updates are frequented and you can expect new things to come by the month. There are also 390 plus photo sets to scan through and apart from being able to stream the content, you can also download them. Sky is the limit, my friend!

The videos are good for at least 20 minutes each, the models are fucking gorgeous, Mike himself has the skill of a real experienced man. Overall, with the site’s amount of videos and its cheap subscription rate of $9.95 a month, it definitely goes beyond what one could expect from it. Come to enjoy the holiday season with Mike Adriano!