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Mr Skin did the unthinkable and collected all the nude scenes in TV shows and movies. He is all about fast forwarding to the good parts. There are no bonus sites on this site but the huge collection is more than enough to keep you satisfied. The site is also updated daily so you would have something new to look forward to the next day.

There are 50576 clips and that amount just keeps on getting bigger as each day passes by. If you ever wondered how many times your favorite celebrity showed her tits and ass then you have your answer here on Mr Skin as this is the largest collection of celebrity nude scenes on the net. Despite the fact that there is a boat load of content here, The movies can be streamed on a Flash player or downloaded on an MP4 and Windows Media format. There is a long list of celebrities and they are in alphabetical order on the top of the front page.

Mr Skin has an advanced search so it would not take long before you are jacking off to your favorite celebrity in her most daring scene. There are some nude scenes that you never thought existed and you are going to come across them thanks to Mr Skin. The Mr Skin minute is really useful as it guides you to the latest nude scenes that happen on the big screen and small screen. He even tells everyone the exact time in the movie that the celebrity takes off all her clothes so we would know right away. There is also a live chat here for members to chat with each other and share tips for movies.

All the members can go to the message board and ask MrSkin any question about nudity on the big screen. The members can ask him why a certain scene on a movie is too dark that the tits of the actress was not seen anymore. It is too bad you can’t skip to the good parts of the streaming videos right away as you have to wait for the loading process to begin. It is pretty obvious most celebrities underwent surgeries in order to enhance their body parts but that is alright as long as they are proud of their bodies and they take it off on the screen.