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If you have never even heard of the concept of Nuru Massage, as it is not just a site name, then you have been missing out. You see, this is all about relaxing, getting naked with a hot chick, and then she pretty much rubs her naked body over your naked body as a way of getting that tension out of your muscles. The only difference with this site is that it does of course lead to some hot fucking and that is what has drawn us to this site.

Right now there are just under 300 different scenes and roughly the same number of photo galleries to browse through and considering they all focus on this particular type of massage, then it is certainly more than enough to keep you interested for some considerable length of time. The action itself is very well shot from an artistic point of view and they do manage to make it feel sensual enough not only with the massage part, but also the fucking that always then follows.

The chicks in the scenes do tend to mainly be on the slim side, but they are all hot and it is certainly horny watching them rubbing oil in themselves before the massage begins. There is no doubt that you will end up feeling quite jealous of the guys in the scenes and there is a good chance you will feel like having this kind of massage for real, if you can find somebody to do it that is.

The fucking part is certainly entertaining enough with them having a tendency to fuck on the massage bed, as well as the shower or hot tub and it must be a great way to get rid of the stress and tension in your body by fucking it out of yourself. These chicks love to experiment with positions and a number of them do also love it in the ass before they finish the massage with a mind blowing orgasm.

Nuru Massage is certainly a site that stands out from the crowd as it offers you something different, but at the same time something sexy and horny to watch. If you now feel some tension in your body, then you know what to do.