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POVD unlike other pornsites is only concerned with bringing the viewer closer to the action than they have ever been. They do this using a two-part policy. Part one involves members watching porn in the cleanest highest resolution in point-of-view camera angles. Part 2 is they give you 3D sound that surrounds you completely increasing the feelings and emotions experienced while watching their content. When plugged into your headphones, lights dimmed and eyes on the screen, you will literally swear that it’s you receiving blowjobs or fucking the hot looking women inside this site! You will be very close to everything, my friend!

You enjoy all the benefits of fully furbished site with these guys. That means the user interface has all the things necessary for smooth navigation including scenes, girls, top rated, and links to the ultra quality high-def 1080p movies. You have some browsing features like previews of the content, links, and the movies come with date information, plus the name of the hot starring models. They finally offer you descriptions for the scenes, which aid in helping you to make decisions on which scene to start with.

You get over 132 movies according to the last visit we had inside and the speed of the download impressed us. The episodes come with pic sets, and the images can be watched online or saved using the zip file they give you. Videos in wmv, mpeg, flv formats are good, with no limitation on streaming/downloading or that pesky DRM problem like other inferior pornsites. You can expect they will be having weekly updates. Honestly, there may be just very little room for the producers of this site to maneuver when it comes to production, but somehow they do it expertly. The site has tied itself to the POV porn niche, but they have lots of ambition in what they are trying to achieve with it. To us we think that things do work out nicely.

The performers also do their part to make the content as involving as they possibly can. They look right into the camera when cooing and moaning offering a nice real feeling to the whole content. You will not find any major bonuses inside. That may nibble away some of the fun of buying a membership here because honestly they haven’t the big porn archives that will keep you transfixed for days. But, they do update. Some of the gals inside do one scene, others do several, you get like 100 girls inside.

It’s interesting to eat something wild and enchanting like the content from the POVD discount site once in a while since it really shakes up your world in delightful ways. They are further developing their already superior delivery of POV porn, and we expect more big things from these guys.