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Sweetheart Video is like a babe magnet since they attract hot gals by the hundreds! These gals are very keen on using their mouths, fingers, toys and other sexual gifts on other babes. The tour page showed us the Sapphic lesbo sexy gals and made us want to know more about these guys.

First thing that impressed was the fact that this site has grown from the last time we saw them. They now have well over 531 movies and are working on having more than 953 picture galleries. We like the serious work ethic!

The material inside is exclusive and scenes have pic and video. They have managed to amass the material they have in their gallery by updating constantly through the week.

The production of the material is going to please you. The color, the sharp scenes, the HD quality is all going to give you a sweet toothache! You will lick your lips as the gals lick other types of lips and you watch it in super clarity sound and color. The download option seems to offer higher resolution quality. This is not to say that the video stream option is slouching in any way at all!

When you look at the Sweetheart Video pictures, large digital pics with high res quality is the order of the day. We salute the camera work, the graphic lesbian detail, the smocking hot gals, and the site for putting all this together in a nice package.

The women…oh my…the women are amazing! The way they look, the way they engage in hardcore lesbian sex, the sounds, the sights, the seduction is all picture perfect! The gals are made to be more erotic, more loving in the way they deliver orgasms to each other. The action inside will definitely engage all your lesbian loving senses!

Membership here includes bonus sites. Three to be exact. There are pornstars inside, more hardcore sex, amateurs, reality couples, swingers, and much more niche porn inside. What does this do to your membership to this lesbian site? It makes it triple in value, that’s what!

Lesbians, hot sex, HD and high res images, great layout, bonuses, erotic material…these are all things you get from these guys. These are all things that make Sweetheart Video a masterfully wonderful lesbian site to belong to. You need to check them out if lesbian-niche is what you are after!