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What could have prompted a mega porn company to start making updates on celebrity sex tape content inside their dedicated subsidiary is anyone guess, but you now get – Vivid Celeb! Maybe it’s the voracious appetites of the market for all things related to celebs. People constantly want to know the latest news about them. People idolize them. People are always bemoaning how sexy and hot the celebs look. In addition, the celebs are always doing something more to push the notoriety and infamy they have to heights never before seen. So looking at it from that angle, well it makes sense why a porn studio would like to get the zealots fans who worship celebs to check out their collection.

Inside this website will be celebrity women and men you may or may not know. What’s to find here is twenty-five full videos. And what you can do is to watch these videos. What they also make is picture galleries, but most look like they are paused screenshots generally. Unfortunately, you will not find the simple to use zip files for saving the picture galleries. What you have inside this place is all the right to stream the movies as you want. They are insidiously erotic and often times will send you over your orgasmic point. The website does not let the members choose which films they can download.

It’s a policy that can be understood, since some nefarious minds may want to download and sell the videos to other websites, or upload the content online for whatever reason. Anyway, this step is taken to make sure content stays here and your attention also stays here. All movies are high definition. The website is a bit awkward because you never can tell when they will upload the next video. It’s not like celebs are making sex tapes every day, so updating of content here is very sporadic. The updates come about when famous people drop hot new scandalous tapes to be watched. You may question the level of fame some of the celebrities featured here have, some of them are bigger stars than others.

Nevertheless, even the fanatics can’t know all of the celebs in the international market, there are just too many. Anyway, to ease the thought of only having so little videos from this website, they make bonus vids and pics manifestly appear to keep you entertained. Therefore, the interface is full of description for the videos. They don’t have so many sorting features just yet, numbers being what they are at the moment.

It’s a hard sell joining Vivid Celeb especially for those who want massive galleries, but the bonus content does help things a lot. You have to decide for yourself with this one, check them out.