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It’s the perfect name, that’s the website called Whipped Ass. First, it’s a good name because it comes from the Kink.com Company, which is known for superior porn making. Next, it’s a good name because you are probably thinking that it’s a website about male masters whipping babes in the ass with hard cocks. But this pornsite flips that and makes lesbian hardcore domination videos. There are sexy submissive women who are being pushed to the next world of domination by dominatrix babes. Its women whipping and using the asses of fellow women for some treacherous pleasures.

It seems the website figured out that the softcore and romantic lesbian porn online wasn’t catching the eye of a certain demographic of fans. They took the bdsm and then put it in courtyard of lesbians. Kink.com is a very cleaver studio that is maintaining its leach on the alternative bdsm community (this website being one of others they handle.) The two types of personalities you’ll find in the scenes here are dominant women and the sexual slaves who want to submit to the will of the female masters. In bdsm dynamics, the ladies who are being subjected to any of the many methods of climax really fit the part that they are cast in. They are young, slightly older, with different sizes and skin tomes. They also come with ethnic diversity so that’s nice.

Of course, there are some ladies who specialize in kinky bdsm, and there are new ones coming up and showing new pleasures. As for the women who are using their super aggressive personalities to hogtie, masturbate, lick, finger, fist, whip, milk, kiss, molest and do other graphic things to the submissive, well they are hot! They are beautiful, and they come with breast, asses, and dildos of different sizes. In this website, you’ll find lots of fisting (pussy and anal), group sex, electro play, humiliation, and any other idea that crosses the mistress mind. Some of the pornstars have done work in the mainstream so you’ll know them, and there are more than seven hundred movies and hundreds of thousands of pictures.

Having been making quality HD films and the resolution of jpegs also being high makes this website worth the look for those looking for fine stuff. You can grab the videos, stream, download multiple files, join the community that involves all the other fans and websites that the Kink.com network has. But access to the studio (all the pornsites they have) well – that you don’t get. You can pay more to join the network if you want.

The bdsm and sheer lengths the film here take when the dominant are playing with the submissive, it’s something nicely fine-tuned by Whipped Ass! There is a heck more, very much more, visit this place!